Custom Deck Plans


Deck Heights over 30 inches


When building a Floating Foundation Deck System, we recommend a maximum height of 60 inches. The 60" measurement is from the ground to the top of the decking.

For deck heights above 30 inches and below 60 inches, 2"x4" diagonal bracing is REQUIRED around the perimeter of the deck. Attach a 2"x4" treated board from the bottom of one 4"x4" post to the top of the next 4"x4" post. Repeat this on all four sides of the deck.

  How To determine the angle to cut:
  Cut a 2"x4" treated board slightly longer than the diagonal distance. Place the 2"x4" treated board behind the 4"x4" posts with one end at the top, and one end at the bottom of the post. Mark the angle by drawing a line on the 2"x4" treated board following the 4"x4" post.
  Cut the angle marked on the 2"x4" treated board. Position between posts and secure by toe-screwing two -2 1/2" deck screws from each side.
  It is not critical that the 2"x4" treated board be completely flush with the top and bottom of the post. It is fine if the bracing board sits a few inches from the top or bottom.